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What members like about Red Earth Farm CSA...
“I enjoyed how fresh all the veggies were and knowing I was supporting a local family. Knowing my dollars are going directly into best farming practices while feeding my family healthy, nutritious meals makes it all worthwhile.”
“All of it, really. The quality of the food, but also the people you meet when picking up the box each week.”
“I loved picking my selections each week and hearing updates on what was happening on the farm.”
“The ability to pick weekly selections and the abundant fresh produce!”
“Besides enjoying all the wonderful food, I really like being able to choose my selections each week. The tips and recipes are nice, too.”
“The veggies are always so clean and generously portioned. Many thanks!”
“I love not only the idea of getting good fresh organic produce locally but also the cameraderie amongst all picking up their share. It has been a great part if my life. I look forward to it every week.”
“We have enjoyed all of it and have mentioned how happy we are to a number of people.”
“We love fresh, local, healthy food. The best part for me is how convenient it is. Delivery is really close to my house.”
“Variety - we tried vegetables that I never would have bought at the grocery store - arugula, squash, fennel - to name a few.”
“The incredible quality and clean arrival state of the vegetables. The fact of being able to choose what would be in the next week's box. The pick up location was great, but the quality and choice were really key.”
“The ability to pick what we receive each week. It was our first experience with a CSA and it has worked out great. I've found new things that I like (fennel!) and can also make sure we get some vegetables that I know we will use.”
“Besides the food and amazing people? The fruit share, the newsletters, recipe suggestions submitted by fellow CSA'ers, and helping out a small business owner. ”
“The produce was packed well and amazingly delicious!”
“Fantastic produce! The variety and quality. I enjoyed the workday too!”
“The cantaloupes, cucumbers, pre-season tomato plant sale, yellow/orange tomatoes, sweet potatoes...”
“Knowing that my growing family is being raised on how to make healthy food choices. My 2 year old loves broccoli, brussel sprouts, and green beans. She was eating kale at 9 months. I cannot thank you guys enough!”

Red Earth Farm is a family-owned and operated farm dedicated to bringing the freshest produce to our customers. Situated in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania our 90 acre farm offers Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) memberships and participates in the Emmaus and West Chester Grower’s Markets.

Online Ordering CSA

Our farm offers a "Choice CSA" allowing members the opportunity to choose weekly from a list of seasonal fresh produce. We then deliver your Custom Packed Box to your neighborhood. Please read our About CSA page for more information. We have a variety of shares to choose from; you may read our our Product page for a list of shares and for the produce we grow seasonally.

About Our Growing Methods

Our top priority at Red Earth Farm is to produce a large diversity of quality vegetables thoughout the growing season. We wish to do this while remaining good stewards of our land so that we may pass it on to future generations in better condition than we received it.

Our farm practices reflect these two objectives. Although we are not certified organic we use primarily certified organic techniques, making exceptions in cases such as potential significant crop loss, as in tomato blight. We use no synthetic pesticides or herbicides on our farm. We hope that by conscientious and thoughtful management of our farm we will be bringing fresh, dependable food to the people of our region for many years to come.

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